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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

Cookie is about 2 years old. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. She is great with kids and women though she has a habit of barking at men. She is looking for a home with primarily women or a home that is willing to help her work through her distrust of men. She is fully potty trained and is a pro at using the doggy door. She gets along well with most dogs. She does try to dominate at times and she is not the best match for cats. Please consider giving Cookie a forever home...



Did you know that the temperature inside of a vehicle can increase drastically within just a few short moments. Cracking the window does not provide enough adequate air flow to maintain a safe temperature within a vehicle. NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle if temperatures are warm out.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words an in this case it pretty much says it all. We are a foster home based rescue. This means that all of our animals are in the care of foster families. We can only help and save what we can responsibly house and find adequate fosters for. No Foster = No Save Fostering saves lives!

The Cost of a Rescue

The Cost of a Rescue

Each dog or cat that enters into our care has vet needs prior to adoption. West Texas Diamonds in the RuFF wants to ensure that when a pet goes to their new home that they are healthy. Basic needs of dogs/puppies: Fecal Snap Test Treatment of parasites Treatment of illness or injury Vaccinations Spay/Neuter Estimated Cost: $200+ Basic needs of Cats/Kittens: Fecal Snap Test (FIV/FeLV) Treatment of parasites Treatment of illness or injury Vaccinations Spay/Neuter Estimated Cost: $150+

West Texas Diamonds in the RuFF is an animal rescue group proudly serving the animals of West Texas. These animals are often down on their luck, hurt, sick, lost or found, abandoned, or simply needing a helping hand.



We work towards reuniting pets with owners, helping the injured recover, providing vet care for the sick, spay, neutering, vaccinating, and improving over all health of the animal.




Please take a moment and look around. We have many pets up for adoptions, several ways you can help, a stroll down memory lane, and much more.
































Did you know....

The number one contributing factor to the number of animals in rescue, shelters, and without homes today is due to lack of owner responsibility. One unspayed female and her off spring can result in 67,000 new animals born in just a ten year period.


Spaying and neutering your pets is the key to helping reduce unwanted litters and unltimately reducing the number of dogs and cats  in kill shelters and in rescue.


Be a part of the solution!


One of the greatest risks faced by animals in West Texas are preventable. These illness are parvo & distemper for puppies and unvaccinated dogs. Cats are at risk for FIV/FeLV and distemper.

Vaccinations are not 100% but they are the most effective way to protect your pet.


Vaccinations should start at around 6 weeks of age for both dogs and cats.  Generally shots are given on 3 week intervals *6, 9, 12, and sometimes 16 weeks*. Adults need boosters on most shots on a yearl while shots such as the kennel cough vaccinations and rattle snake vaccines are on a 6 month schedule.          


Vaccinations save lives...


Talk to your Veterinarian today!

Have you found a pet?

If you have found a pet then there are a few things that you need to do.


1. Properly secure the dog/cat in a crate or with a leash to ensure it will not get loose.

2. If the pet has a rabies tag without ID the rabies tag number can be traced back to the indiviual that purchased the vaccination..

3. If no form of identification is found then have the pet scanned for a microchip.

4. Ask individuals in the area where the pet  if they know where the pet lives.

5. Use social media sites to your advantage. Facebook, Craigslist, and the classified section *lost&found* are great resurces.

6. Hang posters in the area where you found the pet.


Remember pets are like family. Each one

deserves the right to return home if lost.

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